Saturday, January 1, 2011

Invitation for you: cum visit me in 2011

Cum on my face or in my mouth in 2011! Genuine invitation
This is an invitation for you in 2011 to hunt me down when you are visiting my town in Australia, and I will blow you and swallow your load. Email me for more details.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Three loads on a Sunday afternoon

Two Sundays ago I was driving around looking for some cocks to drain. I was hungry for cum! The search took awhile but I was rewarded not with one, but three loads down my throat.

I drove into a reserve which sometimes gets business on a weekend. There was guy sitting in his car with very little on, just some speedos (which I realised as I walked past his car). I then walked into a bush and indicated for him to follow. He had a great physique and an impressive hard-on outlining his speedos. Me, the one tracked mind superslut got to my knees and sucked it down the base. Moments later a Polynesian guy joined us with a massive uncut cock. He talked dirty while I was sucking him too. His friend eventually came into and I unzipped him to find a smaller but quite nice looking cock.

I teased them all by saying things like "whose going to cum in my mouth first" and things like that. The first guy dumped a hot load in my mouth and then I lapped up every other drop which came out. The Polynesian guy's load was massive, but I took it all like the true slut I am. The third guy didn't cum. He was kinda shy.

I then drove not far off to find a cutie standing by his car. I practice my slut talk, and next thing I had him standing up against the wall in the nearby toilet where I deep-throated every inch of his nice 6"cut cock. In between sucking him, he would lean down and kiss me and my previously cum filled mouth. Unbeknown to him, his nice load made up the third my mouth had received that day. A Sunday well spent for a good-for-nothing cocksucker.

Friday, July 23, 2010

I love hairy chests

The man on the left: how hot is his chest!

Stunning chest - I'd like to kiss that all over

If only he didn't have the shorts on. His chest is the way a man's chest should be

I enjoy giving head even more if the guy has a hairy chest. Nothing better than playing with it while deep throating their cock. Agree?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Yankee doodle

I love giving head to American guys. Not sure why, maybe it's because we grew up on American porn and wished we could blow those nice cut cocks.

I hooked up with a visiting Yankee last night who had a gorgeous cut cock and he wanted to slam it down my throat. I played with his nuts while lovingly sucking the life out of his rock hard prick knowing that I would soon be facialised with his juice.

We did a few different positions before he came buckets across my face. Fuck it tasted good. Give me an American dude anytime. In fact, line up 100 of them and watch me blow them all.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mature cock does the trick

Often I'm in the mood for a more mature guy. You know, in their 50's/early 60's. That's what I scored two nights ago.

First guy had grey hair, good build and a 6" cut cock. I admit, I prefer 7" cocks onwards, but his cock was nicely structured for its size. Easy as ABC to deep throat and he moaned as I engulfed the lot. I then spent time sucking hard on the head before telling him to dump his load in my mouth. I was rewarded with a delicious amount of nut nectar.

About 30 minutes later, a man arrived who I have blown before. He walked off and stood against a tree indicating his interest. He'd already told me previously that I gave the best head. He once again treat me to some serious mouth fucking - you know, really hard. I could handle it no worries. His 7" cut cock was as beautiful as I remember. I asked him this time to cum on my face and tongue. I got a good plastering from him I tell you. I sucked out every last drop. I'm getting a massive hard-on just thinking about it.

Don't think I can wait til my next round of cum.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hungry as hell for cum

What is a cum slut like me supposed to do when hanging for a load to swallow? I'd been so busy I hadn't had a load for about a week. Needed to fix that, so last night headed to my favourite spot and eventually two cars rolled up. One guy didn't get out of his car, but the other one did. He was pretty hot! Had a goatee which I find very sexy. He walked into a bush indicating for me to follow. Seconds later we had our hands all over each other. The bulge in his pants was big, I knew I was going to be deep-throating a big 9 incher any second now.

I whispered in his ear how bad I wanted to suck his cock, so he pushed me to the ground, and shoved it in my mouth. I quickly sunk my throat onto it and tickled his base with my tongue. He started fucking my face which I love. After a bit I started concentrating on the head, and sucked that really hard. He then said "You keep sucking it like that and I'm going to cum in your mouth". That is what I wanted to hear! I indicated that I wanted every drop, and moments later he dumped a massive load down my hatch. He zipped up and walked off thanking me for the blowjob. I love being used like that.

Still hungry, I walked around hoping the second guy would get out of his car. He didn't, opting to drive off some time later. Not long after that, a bearded guy turned up and walked down a hill. He looked OK, a little bit chubby maybe. Still, I like bearded men! I went up near him, he came closer and said hello. He asked what I was into. Well, I responded with "I'm pretty hungry tonight", pointing to my mouth. He was uncut, not big but decent enough. I jerked him off for a bit before getting on my knees and sucking him off good. I loved the way he held my held tight on his cock as he exploded in my mouth.

I then drove off reasonably content. I could have eaten at least ten loads last night but there wasn't much around.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Super Slut gets two mouthfuls

Hungry as anything for a mouthful of cum yesterday, I headed to my favourite wilderness beat. It didn't take me long to be on my knees for a stocky guy from out-of-state who needed a head job before continuing on his journey. It was broad daylight so we had to find a secluded spot. I unzipped him and got his cock into my mouth quick smart. His cock was medium size and reasonably thick.

Not long after, a cute guy in shorts walked past. I was in the mood for two cocks, so signalled him over to join us. He was so fucking cute! I couldn't get his cock out quick enough! Sucking off two guys at once, while I jerk off, is a favourite hobby of mine. About five minutes later, the young guy knelt down to suck on my cock for awhile. He was an OK cocksucker, but not as good as me.

Around ten minutes later, I was getting REALLY hungry for cum and made it clear I wanted both their loads on my tongue. The young guy deposited a yummy creamy load in my mouth, and even after I thought I had it all, his cock kept releasing more and more. I get a massive boner when a guy comes in my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his sperm. The stocky guy then dumped a pretty good load on my tongue. Then a little bit more oozed out of his prick. I lapped that up with my tongue too.

I suddenly felt fantastic. It was like I'd had my fuel for the day. Who needs alcohol? Cum is my beverage of choice.